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Snappy just launched July 1st 2020
We are a peer-to-peer service booking app.
We make it a...Snap!

Book your next job in a snap with us!

We've done all the vetting.

We personally hand-select service providers to make your decision process a no-brainer!

Service providers compete by price range for your business on our marketplace.
So fast.. You could say it's a snap!

We've done the vetting - so you can start forgetting

Order a service with confidence!

We hand select vendors for our marketplace, we look at a number of determining factors when vetting service providers such as:
BBB rating, reviews, responsiveness, customer awards, criminal background checks and more!
We did the work, now you can do the relaxing!
What people are saying about SNAPPY

"★★★★★ five stars"

'Super easy to use, like uber except for everything but a ride--'
Lily S - New Westminster, BC
Chaz H
"I signed up as a service provider and I had to sign a contract and upload ID, it was very straight forward and the geo-location tool was really handy for finding services around me"
Lisa N
"I was one of the first 500 people to download SNAPPY, as they add more services, you can really see how useful a tool it really is"
Jason P
"I like that the app is straight-forward and FAST, it helped me choose a photographer for my engagement photos and I couldn't be happier I found SNAPPY when I did"